Autism, Specialist & Mainstream Schools

Alphonso Archer works extensively in specialist schools across Wiltshire, Avon and Hampshire providing an extensive range of creative music services for children with autism and other special needs. 

Schools benefit from our studio experience with a bespoke setup of a wide range of equipment in school to provide students with the richest and diverse range of musical experiences from conventional instruments to full blown music technology. Music is used creatively as a therapeutic aid for individuals and group sessions.
Children are given freedom to explore and develop confidence at their own pace in structured and unstructured sessions to suit the needs of the individual or group. Formal tuition is provided for those that need it and several students are supported in their pursuance of BTECH, GCSE and A Level music.

Major successes, too many to mention have been achieved working with a diverse range of special needs from autism, ASD, selective mutism to high functioning autism. 

With Venturers' Academy in Bristol for example Alphonso works with a wide base of children throughout the day and has been instrumental in helping to raise awareness of the diverse therapeutic support services the school provides by helping to support pupils and national events such as Autism's Got Talent and art exhibitions.

Please get in touch to discuss the diverse range of work undertaken and for references.